This video hit me right in the gut. Watching the average life visualized in jellybeans, made me question, what am I doing with my time? I’ve already spent, according to my phone, 49 minutes on social media and entertainment. I could be making a much better use of my time and life.



I have a passion for technology and want to do something that will leave an impact on the next generation. I dream big, and I don't let the audacity of an idea stop me from pursuing it.

As owner of My Brother Darryl (a Holtby Enterprises Inc. Company), Darryl has developed award-winning brand executions across multiple platforms. His genius is fostering strong, honest client relationships. Darryl is passionate for his local and non-local community, and works with a number of not-for-profit organizations donating his time and My Brother Darryl’s services in support of these organizations. His skill set extends to all aspects of the digital project lifecycle – from UI & UX to secure execution and maintenance of digital projects.

My Brother Darryl

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